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Restaurant at Doucier at two steps of Chalain lake

In center of the small town Doucier, at two steps of chalain lake, the restaurant "La Maison du Lac Chalain" invite you to discover his "nature" cook.


All you go taste is create by the chief Dominique, our cook is very influenced by the nature. The wild herbs and the mushrooms are coming from our forst and meadow, sometims from our garden.

You can also meet our special partner for our plants on Menthe et Mélisse.




open every  evening 



Menu at 35 €

Pork terrine with pickles

Trout fillet with savory and roasted vegetables

Cheese or dessert of your choice (from the carte)

(no changes possible in the menu)



Lentil soup with truffle oil                                                           10 €


Pork terrine with pickles                                                             12 €


Trout rillettes with marjoram                                                   12 €

Main course

Trout fillet with savory miso sauce 

and roasted vegetables                                                                18 €


Veal pie, morel sauce and baked endives                           20 €


Ribeye steak, green pepper sauce

and roasted potatoes 

(or morel sauce, supplement 4 €)                                           20 €


 A selection of local cheeses from

the dairy in Doucier                                                                           8 €



Chocolate and pear cake                                                                8 €

with white chocolate coulis


Citrus tartlet (lemon tartlet style)                                            8 €


Lemon and lychee cake with kiwi coulis                                8 €





kids menu 12 €

(up to 10 years old) 

Fillet chicken  and fried potatoes

2 scoops of ice cream

A drink










La maison du Lac Chalain



La Maison du Lac Chalain

806 rue des 3 Lacs


Tel : +33(0)384257121 


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