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Restaurant at Doucier at two steps of Chalain lake

In center of the small town Doucier, at two steps of chalain lake, the restaurant "Le comtois" invite you to discover his "nature" cook.



All you go taste is create by the chief Dominique, our cook is very influenced by the nature. The wild herbs and the mushrooms are coming from our forst and meadow, sometims from our garden.

You can also meet our special partner for our plants on Menthe et Mélisse.




Every  lunchs (except monday and friday)

and every dinners



Formula of midday 19 €

(except sunday) 


Stewed wild boar,roots  vegetables and rice with sage


Trout filet, wild herb sauce, mashed carrots, stew roots vegetables

dry fruits pie and wild honney carrots  ice cream


Tasting of  jura cheese, on board

kids menu 12 €

(up to 12 years old) 

chicken with mushrooms, vegetables and mashed potatoes 

Ice cream

A drink


Tasting menu 32 €

or 36 € with cheese


Mashed butternut, chestnuts and braised endives


foies gras, bread with nuts and grappes and chutney

Stewed wild boar, roots vegetables, rice with sage


Trout filet, wild herb sauce, mashed potatoes and carrots with serpolet

Tasting of 4 jura cheese, on board

dry fruits pie and wild flower honney carrots  ice cream


white chocolate, praline cake and wild flower ice cream (sureau) 





Compose our meal with what you would like to taste


  • Mashed butternut, chesnuts and braised endives 8.00 €
  • Foie gras, bread with nuts and grapes and chutney 12.00 €
  • Turkey rillette with pepper, filet and jelly vegetables 11.00 €


  • Vegetarian plate : Cauliflower quenelle, roots juice and other vegetables 15.00 €
  • Capon with morels and grilled potatoes 24.00 €
  • Trout filet (fish), fir sauce, mashed potatoes and carrots with serpolet 17.00 €
  • Stewed wild boar, vegetables and rice with sage 17.00€
  • Crispy pigeon, roasted filet, stew tigh and fins, fried foies gras 23.00 €



  • Jura cheese board 8.00 €


  • White chocolate, praline cake and wild flower (sureau) ice cream 11.00 €
  • Dry fruit tard and honey carrots ice cream  10.00 €
  • chocolate tart with caramel and pinion, cardamome ice cream 12.00€



806 Rue des 3 lacs


Tel : 03 84 25 71 21 


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