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Restaurant at Doucier at two steps of Chalain lake

In center of the small town Doucier, at two steps of chalain lake, the restaurant "Le comtois" invite you to discover his "nature" cook.


All you go taste is create by the chief Dominique, our cook is very influenced by the nature. The wild herbs and the mushrooms are coming from our forst and meadow, sometims from our garden.

You can also meet our special partner for our plants on Menthe et Mélisse.


 Restaurant open


Saturday and sunday

Every dinner 


We offer you  to discover our dishes by choosing in the formule bellow :


2 dishes at 23.00 €

3 dishes at 33.00 €

4 dishes at 43.00 €


 Hot salty dishes


Some fried asparagus with ail des ours on spinach coulis, topinambours  


Fried foie gras with juniper sirup with beetroot and potatoes and menthol cake


Trout filet, reine des près sauce, mashed potatoes with lemon thyme


Granny smith apple and parsnip sup, a spoon of fresh cheese and nuts croutons


Pieces of pig and fresh sausage with trouseau sauce and carvi with mashed spices split peas


Braised guinea fowl, sage sauce and vegetables stew


Cheese board from Doucier


Sweet hot dishes 


Brioche, fried apple with cinnamon and honey cardamome ice cream


Sweet cold dishes


Lemon and marjoram tarte with pear ice cream and sour coulis


White chocolate cake, pralin coulis and sureau ice cream


the bread is made at home

kids menu 12 €

(up to 12 years old) 

 Guinea fowl with mashed potatoes

Ice cream

A drink











806 Rue des 3 lacs


Tel : 03 84 25 71 21 


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