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Organized your hike in the Jura from Doucier.

Nature for passion, Dominique give you tips for your next hike in the Lake Region of Jura

take a walk around the water

Come recharge you, follow streams, goind up water falls, observe mountain birds and chamois, live the wild nature.


We offer stay around lakes and, river and water falls at proximity of our hotel.


hike description:

Small circuit tagged are propose around the hotel, between forest and meadow.

→star from the hotel by foot or between 15 and 20 minutes with car.

→ the elevation is between 400m and 1000m

→ the positive ascend don't exceed 300 meters per day,

the circuits can be for a complete day or half of a day, they are all "easy" or "middle" difficulty.


Hike organization:

→ Ask the hotel of the route you chose the day before (for the pic-nic and of course for the emergency)

→ Let a mobile number.

→ Take the mobile number of the hotel.

→Don't hesitate to call the hotel when you are lost or if you need more information about the route to follow.

→ The hike are possible with all weathers.


recommended equipment:

→ A bag 25litters maximum

→ 1 pair of hike shoes(baskets are possible but not recommended)

→ 1 k-way

→ 1 pair of telescopic stick recommended but not essential

→ 1 hat

→ 1 pair of sun glasses

→ 1 isothermal bottle

→ 1 mobile phone

→ 1 compass for the south and north on the ign maps






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